Accepted Papers


#7 El-Hachemi Guerrout, Samy Ait-Aoudia, Dominique Michelucci and Mahiou Ramdane. Hidden Markov Random Field model and BFGS algorithm for Brain Image Segmentation

#39 Abd El Mouméne Zerari, Mohamed Chaouki Babahenini, Naima Bahi and Sarra Khemliche. Fast Soft Shadow with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for Real Time Rendering

#59 Mohamed Cherif Nait-Hamoud, Fedoua Didi and Yaakoub Boualleg. Core Community Detection Algorithm based on Edge Removal Learning

#4 Fatima Bekaddour and Salim Chikhi. A Comparative Study Of Metaheuristics For Liver Disorders Prediction

#8 Amel Hebboul and Hachouf Fella. Improving Kernel soft Subspace Clustering Algorithms using a Particle Swarm Optimization

#9 Imene Ferdi and Abdesslem Layeb. A Novel Heuristic Based Simulated Annealing for the Capacitated Location Routing Problem

#16 Saidi Meryem, Bechar Mohammed El Amine, Settouti Nesma and Chikh Mohamed Amine. Application of Pixels Selection in pixel-based classification for automatic white blood cells segmentation

#75 Uzair Kamal, Imran Siddiqi, Hammad Afzal and Arif Ur Rahman. Pashto Sentiment Analysis Using Lexical Features

#86 Adlen Kerboua, Mohamed Batouche and Abdessalam Debbeh. RGB-D & SVM action recognition for security improvement

#76 Alieh Masomi, Hamid Reza Ghafari, Kazem Nouri, Younes Akbari, Walid Bouamra and Chawki Djeddi. A New Database for Writer Demographics Attributes Detection Based on Off-line Persian and English Handwriting

#24 Boussad Azmedroub and Mounira Ouarzeddine. Polarimetric SAR Images Classification and Texture Features

#34 Imen Boudali and Imen Mlayah. A Hybrid Stochastic HS-GRASP Algorithm for The Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows

#32 Demim Fethi, Nemra Abdelkrim, Louadj Kahina and Mustapha Hamerlain. A new approach to improve the success and solving the UGVs Cooperation for SLAM Problem, using a SVSF Filter

#23 Mohammed Ngadi and Aouatif Amine. A Robust Approach for Mammographic Image Classication Using NSVC Algorithm

#46 Meraoumia Abdallah, Laimeche Lakhdar, Bendjenna Hakim and Chitroub Salim. Do we have to trust the deep learning methods for palmprints identification?

#56 Abdelaziz Daoudi and Saïd Mahmoudi. A fully automatic cardiac segmentation method using region growing technique

#62 Menassel Rafik, Nini Brahim and Mekhaznia Tahar. Wolf Pack algorithm for a fractal image compression

#38 Achref Benarab and Allaoua Refoufi. Towards an ontology mapping algorithm based on similarity measures between entities

#65 Hanene Boukerma, Christophe Choisy, Abdallah Benouareth, Nadir Farah and Mouhamed Cheriet. Hybrid NSHP-HMM combining pixel-based and zone-based view for handwriting recognition

#79 Imen Touati, Marwa Graja, Mariem Ellouze and Lamia Hadrich Belguith. Towards Arabic semantic opinion mining : identifying opinion, polarity and intensity

#53 Abdelmalek Metrouh and Farid Mokhati. A Novel Social Networks Approach Based on QoS for Web Services Selection

#55 Yaacoub Hannad, Imran Siddiqi, Youssef El Merabet and Mohamed El Youssfi Elkettani. Arabic writer identification system using the histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) of handwritten fragments

#10 Mohamed Boulakradeche, Sami Ait Aoudia, Dominique Michelucci, Kawther Taibouni and Abir Farouzi. Segementation by tangent filter

#21 Zineb Elhamer and Boudjelal Meftah. Aggregation: A Self-Organized Behavior as a Simple Seed that Triggers Complex Collective Decision

#40 Lamia Chaouche Ramdane, Habib Mahi, Abderrazak Semmoud and Othman Zennaki. Extraction of road networks from the VHSR satellite images by the algorithm F*

#101 Sunia Malik, Hammad Afzal, Imran Siddiqi and Awais Majeed. Analyzing Socio-economic and Geographical factors for Crime Incidents using Heat maps and Hotspots

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